Our Process

  • Identify

    The Servants meet with christians in need to hear their stories and assess their urgent needs.
  • Support

    We then provide holistic support tailored to each individual's practical, whether it be food, clothing, safe housing, pastoral care, or medical care. Or their spiritual needs, such as prayer, bible study, or bringing to church.
  • Organizing

    Local christians with desire to evangelize and help christians in need. We train those interested in becoming a servant in methods of evangelizing non believers in various scenarios.
  • Evangelizing

    Sharing the gospel is a great responsibility. Those who teach will be judged more strictly. (James 3:1) in the Middle-East, a place hostile Christians, it comes with risk. Our servants are aware of this. The servants mission acts to organize missionaries to facilitate safe mobilization of our servants. We implement creative strategies for reaching those who have little exposure to the truth, while working together in coordinated efforts for the safety of the servants.
Christian Charity in Argentina and Lebanon